If you remember, there was a Kingdom by the name of the Kingdom of "Avdye". Avdye is now long-gone, and Salevza succeeded it with the same King around in Winter of 2020.

The officialized date will not be announced until many things are sound and done, like for example, the skeleton of the Government and the laws of Salevza. There are other projects than the Kingdom of Salevza that go under the name of "Project Avdye", because "many things are made [by me] because of the fact that Avdye existed", Mate Yzqanesim said. He also added that he would publicize the structure of the government and the lore of the Government structure, too, sooner or later, so you may have to wait.

For anyone that doesn't know who Mate Yzqanesim is, he is a person of interest for many, because he is weird, and has an unique way of thinking, but sometimes, he overthinks stuff, and he forces some stuff on himself too much. Like for example, he just forces himself into conversations sometimes to just keep himself busy with something. He wants to do work and now (October 9th, 2021), he's working on this website. This isn't all; he's a very creative person and has great taste in music and knows justice from all the sufferings he had to go through, however, he may sometimes be a hypocrite, so be careful. He has some extremist opinions on some certain kinds of people, but that's nothing compared to what he does outside the internet. He genuinely tries to help people, regardless of what he thinks. He thinks he is helping people by making them suffer, and of course, we know that we must call that "hypocrisy", but in his words, "one must suffer once to continue living, at least in a week". Of course, he doesn't agree on constant sufferings, such as people extremely affected by Alzheimer's or autism or so forth. He seeks to help people who he thinks that truly deserves it, and he trusts people who he knows deserve it.

Of course, sometimes, he's kind of a freaky dude. You don't mess with him when he's mad. He can go insane, so do not play with him, and no, he refuses to use text tones; in his words, "if you're dumb enough, you'll need it, which nobody should". Of course, he also doesn't know much himself, but he certainly knows that too. As he says, "I try to consider all factors when talking about an event or a person's situation", which, he pretty much did that on himself repeatedly, and figured out himself that he is indeed a bit hypocritical, although, that will never stop him from trying to be good to some people. Also of course, he did bad stuff too, then again, it is nothing compared to the good he tries to do.

He has multiple projects he is currently trying to work on, and develop as well. He had an idea to make a novel, a game, (this is kinda stupid to me myself but) YouTube channels and videos, and so forth. The novel would be about the Salevzan life, and it would be the first parent timeline of the Avdyean hyperspace (yes, he literally named it a "parent timeline", because it would be the father of all branches of the timeline, and yes, he called the Avdyean multiverses a hyperspace). Though, for the game, he plans to make a different universe of course. It would be a failure to let it be all in a single universe.

He quit making music recently (just around the beginning of October in 2021), but he didn't quit drawing and of course, conscripting. I forgot to mention it, didn't I? He tries to make constructed, artificial scripts for fun. He already had success once; he made a constructed language, but it was all based on English, so it was kinda hopeless to continue for that conlang. He still remembers the Avdyean script though, and the script is pretty cool in itself. I would recommend contacting him about it, it's pretty cool in my opinion. He has a Discord server as of now, a virtual Government server (yes, it was a virtual one since September 7th, 2021).

By the way, he had been going to a psychologist for a long time now (since April, 2021), due to his depressive messages and what he kept writing on the internet. Well, he's changed now, and in my personal opinion, I think he should quit when he stops drinking his antidepressants. He's been helped a little more than enough I think, and well, I don't think that his unique way of thinking should be stopped. To be honest, I don't see anything wrong with his thoughts (as of what I see). He's just a person who was tormented, like the rest of us, so of course, it would be natural to "get" this thinking in his head.

There are projects that Mate is considering, like the YouTube videos for talking with the people or politicians or so forth, or making some cryptic videos, or so forth. As of now the projects will not be revealed until they are completely planned and have started at least for a whole week. The King restricts some information not worked on completely to be revealed to the public, otherwise, the idea would be stolen.